Sabah Island Travel Blogs

Mabul Island Travel Guide 06 Apr 2021 Semporna Travel Guide 16 Apr 2021 Sipadan Travel Guide 20 Apr 2021 Pom Pom Island Travel Guide 20 Apr 2021 Mataking Travel Guide 11 May 2021 Kapalai Travel Guide 18 May 2021
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Top 10 Best Islands in Sabah

Semporna is a small town in Tawau Province, also a popular tourist place. If you’re departing from KK, you need to take the flight to Tawau Airport. This is because Tawau airport is the nearest airport. Semporna seems like a small city, travel to Semporna is very convenient. Most hotels near Semporna Jetty. The hotels […]

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Top 6 Attractions in Sabah

The country of Sabah is Malaysia. Capital is Kota Kinabalu, KK for short. KK has many tourist attractions. Traffic is very convenient. Most tourists will charter or drive in KK. The nearest airport is Kota Kinabalu International Airport. The code name is BKI. Kota Kinabalu Attractions Mount Kinabalu National Park            […]

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