Aur Island is a the mini Maldives in Mersing, Johor Malaysia.

The environment is peaceful, pure and natural.

It has beautiful underwater heaven which is best for snorkeling and diving.

There are 2 popular resorts on Aur Island.

1) Sebukang Bay Resort

2) Gilligans Dive Resort

This article will introduce these two resorts in Aur Island in details.

Sebukang Bay Resort

chalet exterior in sebukang bay resort pulau aur

Sebukang Bay Resort is with Malay chalet style.

It eludes a rustic and almost village-like charm, complete with a sun bleached wooden jetty and swaying coconut trees lining the beach.

The accommodation comes with fan.

Sebukang Bay Resort package price is quite economic.

Rooms are basic, clean and comfortable.

They have friendly staff, and crystal clear water with good snorkeling spot just in front of resort.

Sebukang Bay Resort provides decent meals.

Food are amazing and the dinner served with fresh seafood.

Overall, you will love the place as it brings back childhood memories of kampung environment.

The warm welcome from the owner and family are simply lovely.

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Gilligans Dive Resort

 aur island gilligans dive resort deluxe queen room interior

Gilligans Dive Resort is with resort style.

It has decent rooms, which are clean and comfortable.

Gilligans Dive Resort has a nice small private beach in front of it.

The accommodation comes with air conditioning and a hot shower.

Gilligans Dive Resort is very close to the beach. All accommodations are sea view.

Friendly staff from resort provides outstanding customer service.

They are friendly and able to communicate in Mandarin, Malay, English.

Package price in Gilligans Dive Resort is slightly higher than Sebukang Bay Resort.

aur island child playing sand beach


Aur Island is a place to relax and refresh your mind.

It is really a good place to escape from the busy city life.

Among the 2 popular resorts in Aur Island:

If you want an air-con room with resort style of accommodation, you may choose Gilligans Dive Resort.

If you want a economic kampung style chalet, Sebukang Bay Resort is the best one for you.

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Popular Aur Resort Package:

Sebukang Bay Resort

Gilligans Dive Resort


Which resort would you like to stay in Aur Island ?

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