Aur Island and Besar Island are two hidden gems of Johor Malaysia.

They both have marvelous beaches, clean gorgeous blue water and white sand beaches.

This article will compare Aur Island and Besar Island in different aspects.

Hope we could help you choose your next vacation island.


Both Aur Island and Besar Island are quiet, tranquil and serene. 

They are less crowded than Redang, Tioman or other famous islands in Malaysia.

Aur Island is a paradise, crystal clear water and white sand, the climate is unbeatable.

Besar Island is a clean Island with good facilities for those who are looking for a calm stay far from crowded cities.

Aur Island is even more peaceful than Besar Island.

aur island colorful street access beach


Both are using the same jetty – Mersing Jetty.

For Aur Island, it takes 2 hour ferry to get into island.

For Besar Island, the speedboat only for 30 minutes.

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Boat Schedule

Aur Island and Pulau Besar are located in Johor, and they are both accessible from Mersing Jetty.

For Aur Island, you can take a 2 hour public ferry to get into the island.

Ferry schedule of Aur Island is not fixed, so remember to check the ferry timing of the resort before departure.

Different from Aur Island, you will get into Besar Island by speedboat instead of speedboat.

The speedboat schedules are fixed in Besar Island: speedboat enters island at 12.30 pm, and speedboat departs island at 10.30 am.

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men playing beach volleyball in pulau besar island beach


Aur Island packages include snorkeling, diving and jungle trekking.

Besides above activities, Aur Island is a life of isolation– No network, not much entertainment but playing at the beach.

The mobile phone is only used to take pictures and listen to songs here.

Remember to bring a speaker, some board game, cards or something to entertain.

In Besar Island, there’s more activities, such as jungle trekking, island hopping, kayaking, cycling, play beach volleyball, diving and hiking.

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beach view bungalow in bayu lestari island resort pulau besar


There are only a few resorts but enough to spend a few days on these two islands.

Aur Island offers 2 decent and basic accommodations:

1) Sebukang Bay Resort

2) Gilligans Dive Resort

Besar Island offers 4 accommodations from simple to luxury:

1) D’coconut Pulau Besar Resort

2) Aseania Pulau Besar Resort

3) Bayu Lestari Island Resort

4) Mirage Island Resort


Evenings in Aur Island are amazing and if the sky is clear, the sunsets are absolutely beautiful.

At night you can lay on beach and be a stargazer, and appreciate the twinkling stars all over the sky.

Nightlife in Besar Island is more lively than Aur Island.

There are some bars in resorts of Besar Island.

During peak season or weekend, live band will perform at night.

aur island woman sitting sunset sea


Aur Island and Besar Island both have not yet been developed and the environment is very natural.

They are beautiful and not so crowded, only tourists who want peace and tranquility come here.

If you are looking for crystal clear water and extremely rustic, Aur Island is the place.

If you want to feel that you are on an island paradise, but want to save yourself hustling from a long boat travel, Besar Island is your wise choice.

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