Pom Pom Island Resort is located on Pom Pom Island.

It is an island in Semporna.

There are several resorts on the island to choose from.

But this article mainly shares accommodation on Pom Pom Island Resort.

The Pom Pom Island Resort can be said to meet the needs of all tourists.

It has beach villas, garden villas, and water villas.

Water Villas

View: Invincible sea view

Price per capita: RM 2200+

It has an open-air private balcony,

two sunbeds, an indoor bathtub with a sea view,

a separate toilet, air-conditioning, and so on.

Beach Villas

View: beach and sea view

Time to reach the beach: 10-45 seconds

Time to reach Clubhouse: 10s-10mins

Price per capita: RM 2000+

It has a private open-air balcony,

beach chairs, private bathroom,

air conditioning, and so on.

Garden Villas

Views: flowers and trees

Time to reach the beach: 1-5 minutes

Time to reach the clubhouse: 1-10mins

Price per capita: RM 1900+

Located behind the beach house.

It has a private open-air balcony, beach chairs,

a Private bathroom, air conditioning, and so on.


If you want invincible sea views,

it is undoubtedly the choice of water villas.

If your budget is medium,

you don’t necessarily need water villas,

you can consider beach villas.

You can see the beach view and the sea view.

Although the garden villa is located behind the beach villa,

it is not far from the beach or the clubhouse.

The more economical is the garden villa.

You can see the scenery of flowers and trees.

All villas have private balconies,

air conditioning, separate toilets, etc.

Except for the overwater villas,

the villas have ocean view bathtubs.

If it were you, which room type would you choose?

If you have been to Pom Pom Island Resort,

welcome to share your room type and more information with us~

Just leave a message in the comment area below.



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