If anyone wants peace and quiet, Aur Island is the best location.

Aur Island is located at Johor.

The Jetty of Aur Island is same as Besar Island and Tioman Island — Mersing Jetty.

This article will explain in details how to get into Aur Island from Mersing Jetty.

Mersing Jetty Address

Harbour Centre, Mersing,

86800 Mersing, Johor

Mersing Jetty Google Map

From Mering Jetty To Aur Island

You could transfer by ferry from Mersing Jetty, it takes about 2 hours to reach Aur Island

The capacity of each ferry is about 30 passengers at a time.

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mersing jetty harbour center in pulau tioman island

Boat Schedule

Boat schedule to Aur Island is not fixed every day.

Ferry schedule of each month is published at mid of the previous month.

So you will know the detailed ferry time one month before departure.

Normally ferry heading to Aur Island departs at 8AM – 10 AM, and return from Aur island at 10AM – 12 PM.

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Boat to Aur Island

It takes some time to reach Aur Island from the Mersing Jetty, so the boat may not enter the island every day.

If you want to travel Aur Island on weekday, there might be a minimum quantity of people required.

As for weekend and holidays, there’s always other groups of guest too, so it won’t be a big problem.

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aur island restaurant sea palm trees

Marine Park Ticket

Before boarding the boat to Aur Island , we have to pay a conversation fee for marine park at Mersing jetty.

Malaysia Citizens’ price: RM 5 per Adult and RM 2 per Child.

And Foreigners’ price: RM 30 per Adult and RM 15 per Child.

In addition of Marine Park Ticket, foreigners also need to pay Tourism Tax. It’s RM 10 per room per night.

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How To Get To Mersing Jetty

There are 3 transporting methods to reach Aur Island Mersing jetty.

You can reach Mersing jetty by bus, car or flight.

Mersing Jetty is the main enter jetty of Pulau Besar too.

So the transporting methods to Aur Island’s jetty is same as Besar Island.

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aur island woman holding hat


Aur Island it is the best place to escape life and get some relaxation and peace.

You can transfer by ferry depart from Mersing Jetty to get into Aur Island.

Remember to check ahead for the ferry schedule as the ferries here run on a schedule determined by the tides.

Wish you have a nice trip in Aur Island!

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