Sipadan Island Jetty                     

Sipadan is like a small mushroom-shaped ocean island.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the island.

God’s Aquarium is talking about Sipadan Island.

There are 12 diving points around the island.

Diving in Sipadan Island, you will see many wonders beyond imagination.

Sipadan Island is close to Mabul Island

and Kapalai Island.

Most tourists will choose to arrange accommodation on these two islands.

Because it only takes 15 minutes by boat to enter Sipadan Island.

Sipadan Island Jetty Address

Taman Bandar Semporna,

91308 Semporna, Sabah

Google Map:

From Semporna Jetty To Sipadan

It takes about 60 minutes to get to Sipadan Island by speedboat.

Upon arrival,

you need to show a permit to enter Sipadan.

The permit must be processed in advance.

Boat Schedule

Depart from Semporna Jetty, usually,

only one boat enters the island in the morning.

Return to Semporna Jetty at approximately 4.30 PM.

Sipadan Island Permit

Sipadan needs to apply for a permit to enter the island.

No entry without permission.

Sipadan Island is only open to divers,

from 6 am to 4 pm.

According to the latest information,

176 permits are allowed per day.

In peak season, more than 100 permits are not enough.

How to increase the chance of applying for a permit,

please refer to <Sipadan Permit Guide Link>

Transport to Sipadan Island 

Sipadan Island is the same as other islands in Sabah.

Such as Mabul Island,

Kapalai Island, and so on.

The transportation information is the same.

To reach Sipadan Island,

you need to depart from Semporna Jetty.

It’s like this route:

Sabah>Tawau Province>Semporna Town

All islands need to depart from the jetty in Semporna.

Semporna Jetty is the only way to go.

It is also the most popular jetty.

Many tourists often think that Semporna is an island,

but this is not the case.

Semporna is a small town,

like a small fishing village.

But Semporna has many hotels,

famous places, or grocery stores.

It has become a tourist area.

You can find all the basic facilities in the town of Semporna,

which is very convenient.

How to get to Semporna?

You can refer to this article <Semporna Transportation Information Link>