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Koh Lipe  is one of the best islands in Thailand.

To enter Koh Lipe, you need take boat from corresponding jetties.

There are two jetties entering Koh Lipe,

They are Langkawi Kuah Jetty in Malaysia and Pakbara Jetty in Thailand .

This article will introduce you how to enter Koh Lipe Island from Malaysia Langkawi Kuah Jetty .

Kuah Jetty Address

Straits Court Comdominium,

07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Google Map of Kuah Jetty

eagle photo point in langkawi kuah jetty

Overview of Kuah Jetty

Kuah Jetty is a good place before to take the ferry, it is clean, well lit and ventilated.

There are various shops, cafés or restaurants within the terminal building.

In front of it, there is a spacious open-space car park.

You can walk around, take the famous picture of the Eagle and go to eat.

There are so many places to eat with a lot of choices: Nasi Kandar, Starbucks, Old Town Cafe…

You can also go shopping at free duty shop, HIG outlet, Watson,  souvenir shop, book store…

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jetty from kuah jetty to koh lipe running on the sea

From Kuah Jetty to Koh Lipe

You can take ferry From Kuah jetty to Koh Lipe.

The duration is 1-2 hours, mainly depending on the tide or weather conditions of the day.

Because the Koh Lipe’s coast is kind of narrow, the large ferry can’t board at Koh Lipe’s beach.

So the ferry will stop somewhere near Koh Lipe, and you will transfer to Long Tail Boat, and finally enter Koh Lipe.

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Kuah Jetty Ferry Schedule

Below is the time schedule of  ferry between Kuah jetty to Koh Lipe.

DateEnter Koh LipeExit Koh Lipe
1 Jan-6 Jun
10:30 AM12:00 PM
7 Jun-8 Oct10:00 AM
02:30 PM
11:00 AM
03:45 PM
9 Oct-31 Dec10:30 AM12:00 PM

In high season of Koh Lipe, there are 2 times of boat entering and exiting each day.

In low season, there’s only 1 time of boat enter and exit.

Guests need to check in 1.5 hours earlier (local time) before departure.

If you are going to get to Kuah jetty by air, make sure to reserve more time for transport between airport to jetty.

kuah jetty entrance on street in langkawi

Kuah Jetty Opening Period

Kuah jetty opens from January to June and mid-October to December each year.

There is no ferry from Kuah jetty to Koh Lipe in June to mid-October, because of the rainy season and big waves of sea.

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Transport to Kuah Jetty

1) Flight

Flight is the one of the most popular methods to get to Kuah jetty. The arrival airport is Langkawi International Airport (LGK).

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi takes about 1 hour. Airasia and  Malaysia Airline (Mas) carry this flight route.

After arriving at Langkawi Airport, you need to take Grab or taxi to Kuah jetty. It takes about 30 minutes from the airport to Kuah jetty.

You can visit duty-free shops or enjoy local cuisine at airport too.

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long tail boat resting on beach of clear blue sea water in koh lipe island thailand

2)  Bus+Ferry

You can take bus to reach local jetty first, and then take ferry to get to Kuah Jetty.

There are 2 local jetties: Kuala Perlis jetty and Kedah jetty.

Tickets for Kuala Perlis to Kuah Jetty start from RM 18 per person. It takes about 1 hour by ferry.

Tickets for Kuala Kedah to Kuah Jetty start from RM 23 per person. It takes about 1.5 hours by ferry.

You can buy local jetty ferry tickets through platforms such as Bus online ticket in advance.

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woman in red shirt and white short standing on hill top enjoy the view of koh lipe island sea

3) Car

If you want to have more private space and flexible schedule, you can drive to Kuah Jetty by yourself.

There are parking lots at the jetty, parking fees starts from RM15 a day.

4) Travel in Langkawi 

Since the morning ferry from Kuah Jetty to Koh Lipe is early, many guests would arrive Langkawi one day before.

They visit the attractions in Langkawi for 1 day, and heading to Kuah jetty directly the next day morning.

Some other tourists choose to spend a few days in Langkawi after getting back from Koh Lipe.

It’s a good idea to visit Langkawi and Koh Lipe island in one trip.

In Langkawi, you can rent a car or motorcycle. The price is reasonable, and affordable for everyone.

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two empty deck chairs on beach of koh lipe island

5) Depart from Penang

If you are travelling Koh Lipe from Penang,  you can take boat from Penang Swettheham Pier Cruise Jetty to Kuah Jetty.

The ferry trip is approximately 2.5 hours.

Then you can choose either take the afternoon ferry from Kuah Jetty to Koh Lipe, or spare one day at Langkawi for sightseeing, then take the early boat the next day morning.


Kuah Jetty is a good place to hang out before taking the ferry to Koh Lipe.

Most guests visiting Koh Lipe from Malaysia take ferry from Kuah Jetty.

You can reach Kuah Jetty by flight, bus, car and ferry.

Be aware that no Ferry from Kuah Jetty to Koh Lipe in the period of June to mid-October, because of monsoon.

If you are travelling in this period, you need take boat to Koh Lipe from Pakbara Jetty in Thailand.

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