Semporna is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

A number of absolutely gorgeous islands are scattered around Semporna.such as Pom Pom island, Mataking, Kapalai, Sipadan island..

Semporna town is a small fishing village in Tawau City, Sabah.

The nearest airport is Tawau. 

Semporna jetty is a gate for the beautiful nearby islands. 

This article will introduce Semporna town, Semporna jetty and the speedboat from there.

Semporna Town 

Semporna is a small town.

Most of the people work as fishermen.

The seafood in Semporna are delicious, affordable and fresh.

There will be many seafood restaurants near the jetty, with fresh seafood every day.

semporna mataking island resort wedding beach

Semporna town has many dive centres. 

You can book the day tour island hopping trip from them.

Behind the semporna market is the jetty to the nearby islands.


Majority of ethnic living there is the Bajau Laut.

They are nomadic people found in large numbers at semprona. 

These people build their houses along the seaside, some even live in the boat.

Most of them speak Baju, some do speak Malay or Indon.

You can visit the Bajau Laut villages and be fascinated with their simple and happy life at the seas.

Semporna is rich with culture and colourful people. 

Sabahan are very friendly and very helpful.

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Semporna Town Hotels 

You can choose to stay in sempoena town or stay in semporna islands.

Semporna town hotels are cheaper, they are best for backpackers.

Normally pick up and drop from semprona was part of the resort package in semporna. 

There are 8 popular hotels in Semporna town.

You can stay in the town, and join the island hopping trip for snorkeling and diving activities.

if you want to stay here, go the pasar malam for dinner. The pricing is quite reasonable.

From Semporna Jetty To Island

You can get to the surrounding island of Semporna using a speedboat.

It usually takes 30-45 minutes to reach the destination island.

You can spend a fortune to hire a private boat to the semporna island, or join in the tour to get to the semporna islands

Just 30 minutes away from semporna and you are in paradise.

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Semporna Jetty Address

Taman Bandar Semporna,

91308 Semporna, Sabah

Google Map:

3 Main Routes

There are 3 popular routes for island hopping day tours in semporna islands.

The 1st route: Sibuan – Gaya – BoheyDulang or Matabuan.

The 2nd route: Mataking – Timba Timba Island.

The 3rd route: Mabul Island – Kapalai Island

You will visit a total of 7 Semporna islands in 3 days. 

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Boat Schedule 

The boat in semporna jetty usually departs at 8AM to 9AM.

The semporna island hopping day tour normally takes one day.

You will take off in the morning and get back to Semporna Jetty about 5.30PM.

For the boat, 4 people would fit the boat nicely, and 6 people would be a little packed but still acceptable. 

Suggested Flight Time/ Boat Time

<Mabul flight table>

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If you need relaxing and diving activities in Malaysia, semporna is the place that you are looking for.

Semporna is a small town dedicated to fishing and diving

You will find cheap fresh seafood and exciting snorkeling and diving tours.

You can go to many Semporna islands from Semporna Jetty, such as Pom Pom island, Mataking, Kapalai, Sipadan island.


If you have been in semporna town,

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