No doubt that Tinggi island is a wonderful island in Johor.

The sea water is crystal clear and the beach is beautiful with pristine soft sand.

You will get attentive Service check-in and take a boat from Tanjung Leman Jetty to the island.

This article will explains 3 seasons in Tinggi island and enable you choose the most beautiful time to travel there.

Peak Season: May – August

The best season in Tinggi island is from May to August. The weather is sunny and breezy.

Beach is fabulous, it is a beautiful long stretch of clean white sand.

Soft pure white sand leading down to the crystal clear sea waters.

Because the weather is the best time at this season, it is best for water sports.

Snorkeling trip is a must in Tinggi island.

You will see many different species of fish, and reef sharks.

Coral is fantastic and seems to be flourishing in Tinggi island sea.

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High Season: March, April, Sep, Oct

The high season in Tinggi island is March to April and September to October.

This season is the second best season.

The beach is still so beautiful, calm and clean.

There is no reef on the coast, you can go straight to the sea barefoot

You could swim out a bit and see fishes and corals.

It’s great for snorkeling and just to laze around or a dip.

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Monsoon: November – February

Monsoon Season will start every November to February of the following year.

During this period, the tides are big and weather is windy.

Guests cannot visit Tinggi island in monsoon season.

The only resort on tinggi island – TAd Marine Resort is closed or doing renovation during this period.

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The best season in Tinggi island is from May to August.

Tinggi island package price are the same in different seasons.

Tinggi island is a great place for a short, secluded and quiet vacation.

You will have a totally chilled out and relaxing weekend here.

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