Koh Lipe is the perfect place to relax and meditate.

It could be reached by taking boat from two Jetties, Pakbara Jetty in Hat Yai or  Langkawi Kuah Jetty in Malaysia.

It has 3 fabulous beaches, a lot of nice resorts, crystal clear waters and many snorkeling spots.

Koh Lipe is opened all year round.

This article will introduce 3 different seasons of Koh Lipe in a year.

Peak Season

The peak season of Koh Lipe is from the end of December to next year February.

It is the best season in Koh Lipe of a year.

Koh Lipe shows the extremely beautiful nature and best weather in this period.

There will be most incredible and stunning clear water you ever seen.

It’s best for snorkeling and diving activities.

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thailand koh lipe island women standing

In peak season, Koh Lipe will be busy and even a bit crowded. Koh Lipe Walking Street is super happening and busy.

Almost every store in Walking Street is opening in peak season.

Resorts in Koh Lipe get full pretty fast, so make sure you book your resort in advance. 

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High Season

March to May and November is the high season of Koh Lipe.

The island is still beautiful, it’s still got perfect beach with white sand. 

The beach has sand like icing sugar, the water is so clear that you can see the coral from the shore.

The price of Resorts in Koh Lipe is moderate in high season, it’s lower than peak season, higher than green season.

In peak season, Walking Street offers a lot of restaurants, massage shops, and dives shops for you to choose from.

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koh lipe island long tail boat floating

Green Season

June to October is the green season of Koh Lipe .

It’s their “rainy” season, the island is virtually empty.

Low season is good time to go for low price and less tourists.

There was almost no one there. It was amazing to have the beach on your own.

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The weather is unpredictable each day.

Sometimes, the weather is not good and the sea water runs rapids.

Sometimes,  weather is still amazing, it rains for one hour and dries in 10 minutes.

You can check with weather forecast to avoid wavy sea.

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thailand koh lipe island tourists snorkeling

Some of the restaurants and stores on Walking Street are closed in green season.

Resorts in Koh Lipe package prices are relatively cheap.

No boat depart from Langkawi Kuah Jetty in green season,

So you can only depart from Pakbara Jetty to enter Koh Lipe in green season.

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Koh Lipe is beautiful, absolutely breathtaking.

In peak season and high season, it is always sunny, the sea water is clear, and good for snorkeling, 

It provides great views, sandy beach, blue sky, crystal sea and great restaurants.

If you want to get away from people, enjoy peace and quite time with yourself and recharge your battery, you can visit Koh Lipe in green season.

thailand koh lipe island enjoying sunset

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