Kapalai Island can travel all year round.

The end of the year is not affected by the monsoon.

If it must be divided into three seasons,

they are the super peak season,

the peak season and the low season.

Which season do you choose to depart?

Let’s look at the difference.

Super Peak Season

The super peak season is from May to September

The weather is the best this season.

Very suitable for water activities.

But you need to book accommodation 3 months in advance.

Especially during the holidays.

Although it is the super peak season,

the room will be full.

But there will not be many people,

because there is only one resort on the island.

Non-residents cannot go to the island.

It also has a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Peak Season

Peak season is March to April and October to November

This season is the same as the super peak season.

Suitable for water activities.

The weather is always sunny.

There is only one resort on the island,

so accommodation must be booked at least 3 months in advance.

Due to the peak season,

the price of the package will not increase.

Low Season

The low season is from December to February

During the low season, the crowd will decrease,

but during the holidays, the rooms are full.

You can imagine how popular this island and this resort is.

In the low season,

the weather is sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy.

But this does not affect water sports.


You can go to Kapalai Island all year round.

If you want a more lively environment,

you can consider super peak season or peak season.

These two seasons are the best seasons for visiting Kapalai Island.

If you want a peaceful environment,

you can consider the low season.

But avoid choosing a holiday,

because during the holiday period will be more people.


Which season do you choose to travel to?

If you have been to Kapalai Island,

you can share your experience with us~

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