Pom Pom Island has many resorts for you to choose from.

Here is to introduce you to the most famous resorts.

You should not be unfamiliar with this resort as it is often seen on the platform.

The name of the resort is Pom Pom Island Resort.


Although the package of this resort is expensive,

But you can enjoy quality service and so on.

The package price starts from RM 1900 per person.

 Pom Pom Island Resort

4-star resort.

The overall rating of tourists is very high.

The package price is expensive.

Provide quality accommodation and quality service.

Free Wi-Fi is provided in all rooms.

The hotel provides a variety of leisure facilities,

including water sports equipment rental,

snorkeling, and so on.

Traditional wooden villas and private beach.

A variety of luxurious independent beach villas

and water villas can provide you with every comfortable environment.

The room is big and comfortable.

Enjoy free scheduled airport shuttle service.

You can snorkel around the jetty

and see much marine life.

The food is delicious.

The staff is friendly and helpful.

Snorkeling Package

All snorkeling activities will change due to weather

or water conditions,

but they usually take place from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Tourists should arrive at the diving center 15 minutes

before the departure time

and prepare equipment and clothing.

Guided snorkeling trips are organized every day.

All snorkeling trip prices do not include snorkeling equipment,

but you can rent them at the diving center.

All tourists can do snorkeling around the resort between 8:00 am

and 5.30 pm without any guide,

but they need to ensure their safety.

Snorkelers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Diving Package

All diving activities have been pre-arranged.

You need to arrange morning diving activities from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm the night before.

Divers are responsible for diving at 8:15 in the morning

and 2:15 in the afternoon or at the time recommended by the diving center staff during diving registration.

If you are late,

you will need to schedule your next dive.

For safety reasons,

most resorts do not allow self-diving on coral reefs.


Snorkeling is suitable for tourists of all ages

or those who do not know how to swim.

Diving requires a diving certificate.

You need to schedule the activity one day in advance.

You can ask the staff about the schedule of activities when booking.

How many days for the package?

Generally, a package of at least 3 days is recommended for leisure travel on the island.

This is because you have enough time to rest

and experience life on the island.

There are also arrangements for water activities.

If you are a diver or have many holidays,

you can consider more than 4 days.

But staying on the island for more than 5 days,

you may feel bored.

Usually, packages of more than 5 days are more holidays for tourists who like water sports.

Therefore, it is more recommended to take the 3-5 days package.

Diving Course

The resort offers diving courses,

including basic and advanced courses.


The basic version of the course Open Water Course (OWC).

It usually takes 4 days to complete the course.

Suitable for divers without a diving certificate.


The advanced version of the course is the Advanced Open Water Course (AOW).

It takes approximately 3 days or more to complete this course.

There are no exams for advanced courses.

This course requires the basic version of the certificate to be able to arrange the advanced version of the course.

Suitable for divers who want to improve their deep diving skills.


In addition to diving courses,

there are also packages suitable for non-divers.

This package will experience diving,

and the name is Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD).

You do not need a diving certificate.

This package allows you to learn basic diving knowledge.

Suitable for tourists who want to experience deep diving.

Other information

Many tourists choose to celebrate birthdays

or honeymoon on the island.

If you want to add a room decoration,

the resort will also arrange it.

Prices and charges depend on your requirements.

You can confirm the price with the resort or travel agency.


The resort offers snorkeling, diving,

diving courses, and more.

In addition to snorkeling or experience diving

(suitable for tourists without a diving certificate),

other diving activities are required a diving certificate.

If you want to obtain a diving certificate,

you will undoubtedly choose the OWC course.

AOW is suitable for divers who already have an OWC certificate.

It is recommended to take at least 3 days package.

The room decoration is provided,

but the price is determined according to the requirements.


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