Aur Island is a small island in Mersing, Johor.

From the Mersing jetty needs to take around 2 hours to reach Aur Island.

The sound of the sea with serenity of kampung style resorts can be found at Aur Island.

Its underwater world is so amazing, you will see abundant marine life, and corals here.

This article will explain the popular things to do in Aur Island.

Snorkeling Package

Most people take snorkeling package when they visit Aur Island.

Snorkeling package is normally 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights.

The snorkeling package in Aur Island includes several activities, and suitable for all ages.

It includes meals, accommodation, 2 ways boat transfer, itineraries such as several snorkeling trips, and jungle trekking.

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Snorkeling Trip

Firstly, you could snorkeling on the beach in front of the resort any time you what.

Besides, you will have snorkeling trips and visit nearby snorkeling points in Aur Island and Dayang Island.

Aur Island seawater is very clear, you can see the most natural scenery here, such as beautiful corals, a school of fish, finding nemo and dory fish.

Resorts will arrange boat and take you into different snorkeling points around Aur Island.

There will be staff teaching you how to snorkel and assist you all the time.

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Snorkeling in Dayang Island

For snorkeling itinerary in Dayang Island, you will visit 2 main sea districts: Teluk Meriam and Teluk Pahanan.

Morning snorkeling activity starts at shore snorkeling spot at Teluk Meriam where the marine sea creatures can be superb visibility from the ocean’s surface.

Lots of table coral reefs can be found here too.

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Next, you will head to Teluk Pahanan where the feeling of being in Maldives is real here!

It’s ridiculously crystal-clear water, you could see group of fishes under the water even in a long distance.

Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking in Aur Island needs to take around 45 minutes.

Resorts will arrange jungle hiking from Dayang Island to Letak Semalu.

Arrival at the top, you can see beautiful scenery, boundless sea view and Aur Island on the opposite side.

Remember to bring your sports shoes for hiking.

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Diving Package

The diving package in aur island includes meals, accommodation, 2 ways boat ticket, and dive trips.

You need to possess a diving certificate if you want Aur Island diving package.

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Diving Trip

You will visit at least 4 dive points in diving package. Most Diving points are in Aur Island and Dayang island.

There’s more of those fantastic sea creature, and observe them much closer.

You may see the marine life up close your eyes and swim with a sea turtle, whale sharks, mantas, stingrays and more.

Also, you could have unlimited shore dives in Aur Island from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

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Aur Island is a must visit island for you,  it’s a nice place for weekend getaway.

You can join the jungle hiking trip, snorkeling and diving in Aur Island and Dayang Island.

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What’s your favorite activity in Aur Island?

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