Tinggi island is a Great place to stay and visit in Johor.

This is a quiet place with less tourists.

Clean beach with crystal clear water and white sands.

Tinggi island is quiet peaceful great for recharge of energy.

You pay for little but able to enjoy the blue sky and crystalline sea water.

This article explains the fun activities in Tinggi island.

Swimming Pool

Tinggi Island TAd Marine Resort is best for lazing and enjoying the breeze.

Swimming pool is lovely and facing the sea.

You will definitely love the swimming pool.

Staff in resort will even try to play some music for whoever is hanging out by the pool.

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tinggi island women lying snorkeling trip


Daily snorkelling and canoeing in Tinggi island is enjoyable.

There’s a wonderful beach right in front of the TAd Marine Resort where you can snorkel among the coral and fish.

Snorkeling from beach is good whether high or low tide gentle easy access into the sea.

You will see a variety of marine life.

 If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot turtles laying eggs or dugongs.

Fishing Trip

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can ask resort  to arrange charter boats for fishing trip.

A boat with a maximum of 8 people.

Resort will provide bait, and you need to bring your own fishing rod.

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tinggi island woman back shirt white

Chill on the Beach

Do stroll along the beach of Tinggi island, you will love the fine and soft feel of the sandy beach.

It’s quite serene, just enjoy the current scenery, feel the sea breeze.

It is a good experience of a laid back Malay beach resort with their residential kampung houses.

But remember to apply constantly spray bug repellent.

Island Hopping

You will be snorkeling on a nearby island as well.

 Island tour is via speedboat, take the speedboat and the ride is only 10 minutes.  

The island hoping trip is nice with friendly boatman, beautiful coral at Mentigi Island which monitored by Taman Laut Dept.

You will see so many different creatures of the ocean, and enjoy the scenery and especially the unique sea Palace.

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tinggi island snorkeling equipment underwater 

Jungle Trekking

There is a hiking adventure available at the TAd Marine Resort in Tinggi island.

The jungle trek ended with a mini-waterfall and is a good workout with uphill climb mostly. 

You just walk the beach and went for jungle trekking at the back of the resort.

The trail is not very tough and challenging. There are steps and ropes to help you at certain part of the trail.

As for trekking to the waterfall, according to the guide, will take roughly half hour walk.

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There’s not many entertainment on the beach in Tinggi island at night.

You may take some board game by your own if you come with your friends.

There is a Karaoke room in the resort if you feel like a music night in Tinggi island.

tinggi island deck chair sea


Tinggi island is a great place for retreat and get away from the city hustle.

People sit at the laying chair on the white beach, enjoy a glass of chill drink, listen to the sound of the wave, and  watch the peaceful blue crystal sea.

As for water activities, most people like to join the snorkeling trip and jungle trekking. 

You can also opt for kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping or a short hike to the waterfall nearby too.

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