Mistake of Flight Timing

The boat time is not much,

so if you choose to arrive at Kuah Jetty.

Generally, choose the earliest time,

or 10 o’clock arrival is the best.

Sometimes the latest time is 2PM to enter the island.

The exact time still has to be confirmed with the resort or travel agency.

If Pakbara Jetty departs,

the boat time is usually 11.30AM, Thailand time.

Departure to the jetty you also need to estimate a 2-hour drive from the airport to the jetty.

You will need to arrive at Hatyai’s airport around 7-8AM.

<transportation link>

Mistake of Travel Date or Month

Many tourists will book air tickets when uncertain or because of promotion fair.

It doesn’t matter if you are departure from Thailand.

But if you are departing from Langkawi, Malaysia,

you need to pay attention.

Because from June to October there will be no ferry from Kuah jetty to Koh Lipe Island.

You have to confirm the exact date with the resort or travel agency.

< Kuah Jetty Ferry Schedule article link>

Mistake of miss the ferry or boat

Usually, this happens rarely.

Some tourists will be late,

possibly due to traffic jams and plane delays.

Departing from Thailand,

you may need to enter the island the next day.

For departure from Malaysia,

you can choose to enter the island in the afternoon.

If there is no afternoon boat in that season,

you also need to enter the island the next day.

If you can’t catch the boat time,

you will need to buy a one way ticket to enter the island at your own expense.

If you are sure that you cannot catch up with the ferry,

you can try to ask for change the time with the resort or travel agency.

Although there is almost no opportunity to change the time,

you can try to ask first. <jetty information link>

Mistake to choose the best season

If you want the best season to be the super peak season,

all the shop will be open and more tourists.

In the green season, some shop may not be open.

But there are fewer tourists.

You can refer to this article for details. <best season in koh lipe>

Mistake of Resort Info

Koh Lipe Island has 3 beaches

and the famous Walking Street.

There are more backpackers on Walking Street,

and the hotel /backpacker is the simplest.

If you want to enjoy more facilities,

consider resorts.

Pattaya beach recommended resort is Bundhaya Resort.

The price is relatively cheap,

suitable for tourists with a budget.

For Walking Street, consider Harmony Resort.

The price is medium,

suitable for families and couples.

<best resort in koh lipe link>

Mistake of Beaches Info

Pattaya beach is the most lively beach.

All entertainment facilities, resorts,

restaurants, etc. are on this beach.

Sunrise beach is lively than Sunset beach.

Not so crowed.

Sunset beach is more quiet.

Fewer long tail boat.

You can refer to this article for the difference between the 3 beaches. <best beach in Koh lipe link>


What mistakes did you make in your planning or this trip?

Share your experiences with us in the comment.