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Kapalai Island = 1 island and 1 accommodation

If you have read the previous article,

I believe you also know that there is only one resort on Kapalai Island.

The resort is built on the sandbank between Mabul Island

and Sipadan Island.

It is understood that Kapalai is not strictly an island.

Kapalai Island has no beaches most of the time.

The resort has a circular man-made beach.


This sea floating resort is simple and elegant.

Resort prices are relatively expensive.

The reference price of the package starts from RM 2k per person.

Sipadan Kapalai Island Resort

3-star resort.

The overall rating of tourists is very high.

The package price is expensive.

The accommodation style is simple and elegant.

They are all sea floating chalet.

The wooden house has a balcony where you can see the turtles

and many fishes around the resort.

The fan room is spacious and comfortable.

All rooms have a bathroom with a bathtub

and shower, basic toiletries, and a coffee maker.

The resort has a circular man-made beach.

The entire resort is an invincible sea view.

The spacious open-air balcony offers sea views and a buffet meal.

The staff is very friendly and kind.


The types of rooms in the resort are arranged randomly.

You can write down the room number when booking,

but it still depends on the situation on the day

and the management arrangements.

Room numbers from 1-50 are close to the restaurant and activity area.

But the room type is old-fashioned decoration style.

The sea view of certain room types may be blocked.

Room numbers after 50 are relatively new.

The sea view is better.

But it is far away from restaurants or event activity areas.

Kapalai Island Package

All island packages are similar~

But their underwater world is different~

The snorkeling package is the key to taking you to explore the underwater world.

The island’s package is calculated based on the head, not the price.

Children’s prices need to be determined by age,

and different resort policies will vary.

Kapalai Island currently has 2 packages,

namely snorkeling packages, and diving packages.

If you want to choose the Sipadan island diving package,

it is recommended to stay at least 3 nights.

The chance of obtaining an entry permit for Sipadan is relatively high.

Snorkeling Package

The package includes accommodation,

buffet meal, round-trip boat ticket,

and round-trip Tawau Airport transfer service.

The restaurant serves afternoon snacks,

tea/coffee, hot and cold water throughout the day.

Snorkel around the resort.

Diving Package

If you choose a diving package,

it will include accommodation and meals.

3 guided boat dives daily,

except on arrival & departure day.

Diving equipment is provided

Unlimited house reef dive in front of KAPALAI Dive Centre

Night dives in front of KAPALAI Dive Centre,

for a diver with night dive experience only.

Unlimited dive and Night dives are unguided dive

and must be accompanied by a buddy.

Travel Days

It is recommended to spend at least 3 days with plenty of time.

You can enjoy high-quality service

and spend the 3-day holiday leisurely.

If you choose 2 days,

you need to budget for a boat trip to and from the island,

and you need to check-in at the resort counter upon arrival.

It took half a day and you don’t have much time to visit the island or arrange activities.

Diving Course

PADI diving instructors provide various PADI courses at Kapalai Resort, as follows:

Discover Scuba Diving  (DSD)

Suitable for day trips and non-divers.

Outlines activities:

Introduction of diving equipment,

basic skills, and underwater orientation & environment

1 confined open water in shallow water where they will learn basic skills underwater.

1 open water dive with the instructor.

The price of the course is approximately RM 500 per person.

Open Water Course (OWC)

Suitable for divers who want to obtain a deep-diving certificate.

It takes 4 days to complete the course.

Course outlines:

Knowledge Development-complete 5 Chapters of the Open Water Manual

and watch 5 series of videos.

Confine Open Water Dive (5 times)-the student will learn the basic skills in the pool like condition

4 separate Open Water Dives

Final Examination-50 Multiple choice questions (75% is the passing mark)

200m Swim & 5 Minutes Floating test

The Schedule and Duration of the course depend on the capability of the students and the size of the class.

Junior Open Water Diver:

Minimum Age is 10 years old.

The price of the course is approximately RM 1200 per person.

Advanced Open Water Course (AOW)

For open water divers who want to expand their skills

or explore more adventure in diving.

It takes about 2 days to complete.

Course Outlines:

Increase deep-dive knowledge.

5 times open water dives

(will learn Deep Diving & Navigation Dive Skill as compulsory)

elective skills are Night Dive, Wreck, Photography, and Fish ID.

There are no exams in the advanced course.

Junior Advance Open Water:

Minimum Age is 12 years old.

The price of the course is approximately RM 1100 per person.

Other Information

If you are on a honeymoon trip,

you can add room decorations,

but you need to pay.

The price is generally RM 160+.

The exact price must still be confirmed with the resort or travel agency.


Snorkeling is suitable for tourists who can’t swim.

Deep diving is only available for tourists who have a diving certificate.

Without a diving certificate, you will not be able to dive.

It takes at least three days for Kapalai Island to truly explore the sea world

and the beauty of Kapalai Island.

In addition to snorkeling packages

and diving packages,

you can also take OWC

and AOW courses on Kapalai Island to get a diving certificate.

Of course, if you don’t want to get a diving certificate,

you can also try discovery scuba diving first.

If you want to decorate the room,

you can ask about the decoration price when booking~


Which package would you choose?

Or choose a snorkeling package like me?

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