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Topic 8: How to plan a trip to Koh Lipe Island?

How to arrange a trip to Koh Lipe Island?



This article is to introduce the process of purchasing packages,

redeem boarding tickets and the step to Koh Lipe Island.

If you are planning Koh Lipe Island,

you can refer to this article~

How to purchase the Koh Lipe Package ?

You can ask the resort or travel agency for Koh Lipe Island’s quotation

and compare prices.

Sometimes travel agencies have launched promotion packages

and the price will be cheaper than the resort

But if the price is lower than the market price,

it is recommended to choose carefully.

When determining the purchase of the package,

you need to determine whether the travel agency has a qualified travel company license.

Click to enter <Mata license Link> You can check at any time.

How to arrange the transport ?

There are many ways to reach Koh Lipe.

You can refer to this article.<transportation link>

First, you need to determine the departure jetty before you arrange transportation.

Usually tourists choose to depart from Langkawi

because it is more convenient.

A few tourists will choose to depart from Thailand.

Package prices from Thailand are relatively cheap.


*Before purchasing air tickets or bus tickets,

You need to confirm your accommodation.

Because if the resort is full,

then you have only a few resorts to choose from.

Especially during holidays,

the room may not be available.

How to choose a best season to travel ?

You can refer to this article. <best season link>

The best season you can consider the super peak season

or the peak season.

Room package prices will be slightly expensive.

In the green season,

the price of room package will be relatively cheaper.

But if you travel in green season,

you can only choose to start from Thailand.

From June to October cannot depart from Langkawi,

there was no ferry entering Lipe Island.

How to redeem the ferry / boat ticket ?



How to reach the resort ?

Most resorts will have staff waiting for you next to the Immigration check point.

They will wait with a sign board with the name of the resort.

However, some hotels,

backpackers, etc. do not have staff to waiting tourists.

So you need to walk to the hotels by yourself.

You can find a motor taxi here

and take you to the hotel.

The price depends on the location.

<best resort link>

How to Check in ?

After arriving at the resort,

you need to go to the reception counter,

just show your confirmation invoice.

The staff will help you check in

and they will let you know the breakfast time,

restaurant location.

If you have add on snorkeling activities.

You can check with the staff about the time

and meeting place.



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